alex51324 (alex51324) wrote in house_doghouse,

Banning Stories

If you like, post your "How I Got Banned" Story here. 

"How I got warned"
"How my friend got banned/warned" and
"How I witnessed an injustice" stories are A-OK too. 

But no criticizing me!  Or I will ban you!  **evil cackle*
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Hey Alex, there's a typo in your welcome post. Go ahead, ban me, you big chicken!

**jk, peeps**
Well, where do I begin. First off, do you like my subject line? I do, *smiles*

OK, I activly took part in a thread called "I'd like to tell you what happened to me now: The fanfic discussion" which was a very good place to discuss House fanfiction. Well Sara came along and locked it. DIY Sheep said some things in the normal fanfic thread, then our illustrious alex51234 did, and then I ranted. Well, Sara banned me. I emailed her saying I was happy because I was getting sick of the politics of that place. So, knowing her punishment had no effect on me, she reinstated me as a form of being reprimanded.

Well, annoyed with this, wanting to officially be banned so I could really take part here, and becuase I hated that I was kept around although my friends were kicked out (even if being unbanned was for punishment) I created a rant and posted it. After that, I was promptly banned again and banned I've stayed.

So my question to you now is this. If I'm so nice, they banned me twice, do I get special recognition for it? If not, that's fine, I just want it known that I went through it twice.
Sure, you can have the special Double Banned Medal. **bestows**

Would you like to post your rant here, since many people didn't get to see it? (The thread wasn't just locked, it was obliterated.)
Here's the rant

Ah yes, there is a reason to this post. You see, not to long ago several of my closet buddies and I were banned because we spoke out about the politics of this place and its dictator, Sara M. Which, as we are all very well aware of, is an acronym for Some Arbitrary Rules And Measures.... which is what this place specializes in.

So, you may be asking, "Hey, Jen. If you were banned, how come you're still posting?" Well, the answer to that is quite simple. I emailed Sara M. (The person, not the acronym) and told her, "Hey, Sara. Sorry about posting my rant in the wrong spot." Well, she took that as an apology for everything I did (despite the fact I only apologized for one thing and I am in no way sorry for speaking out about the place.) and let me back in. So what have I decided to do? Well, I thought that my time would best be used trying to think of how I can rant about this place and how awful it is.

Because the internets bandwidth is limited, I shall only highlight several points.

1) Sara M. is a dreadful administrator and self-centered human being.


A) How long did it take her to close down the Fanfiction disscusion thread? 3 days, that clearly shows a lack of attention to the boards she's supposed to be in charge of. Not only that, but because of her absence, things tend to get messy here. By the way, that thread was closed down although it had a ligitamate discussion. Thankfully arbitrary threads, such as the game about Pants, continue to thrive.
B) After many people praised her for her recap of an episode, one person dared to go out of the box and not kiss her ass but rather inform her of some spelling inaccuracies. Not to be condensending, but becuase that person was trying to help. Well, said person was banned for trying to be helpful. Reason; Becuase you're not supposed to talk about recaps. So I guess all of those butt-kissers were just polishing thier shoes (or wiping the brown crap off their noses, whichever you prefer).
C) She is in the head position of a board yet doesn't act in a professional manner. No, what she usually does is find posts she doesn't like (mostly because of attitude) and then promptly bans them while leaving an equally snarky post. A tad unprofessional, no?
D) In previously mentioned recaps, she brings the topic to herself on NUMEROUS occasions and even ventures as far to give "shout outs" to producers of the show that she is willing to act as an extra.
E) In her most recent recap she made fun of rape. I kid you not, that is what she did. Yes, the charcter was annoying, but in that case the character should be made fun of. Not what she went through. Rape ois no laughing matter, no matter how dry you try to make your humor about it.


2) The free will of this place is so heavily trampled upon, one can't help but find them selves wondering if people really do have civil rights in this place.


1) We can't have a disscusion about something ligitamate.
2) Rights will only be given when but-kisseree is full bloom. If you dare to question somebody here or just let them know of something as harmless as a typo, you shall be cut off from TWoP for acts of injustice.

In conclusion, it is in not only my opinion but the opinion of several others that the House boards have become a laughing stock. There is a severe lack of orginization, a severe lack of an authoratative figure who doesn't allow the power to get to his/her head, and all around repression.

People, if you want somewhere to go where you don't have to be afraid of authority figures, please check out [url=]Bitter But Brilliant[/url]. And as for my final words to Sara M...

*clears throat*

You are Tritter's Secret love child that was concieved with Edward Vogler. What does this mean besides the fact that you are an ass baby? Well my friends say that being this is like the equivilant to being a cunt.

Have a nice day!!!!
My banned story is thus:

I got my first Warn for pointing out that Sara M. had many, many typos in a recap, and suggested that she seek proofreading help. She, of course, replaced my remark with a bitchy comment in bold type, and gave me an equally bithcy warning--after asking over her head, I found out that the rule I violated was Talking About the Recap, which is Not Allowed. Silly me, I assumed it was because many people had been talking about how great the recap was and how quickly The Divine Miss Sara got it out. And because there had been "discuss the recap" threads for several previous episodes.

Then I got my second warn and my ban for my involvement in the "Talk about Fanfic" thread debacle. You see, I posted this: "Well, it is a shame when someone uses up all of your ones and zeroes talking about a different pop-cultural phenomenon than you would prefer them to talk about. There's a shortage, you know." in the fanfic recs thread, and suggested that further discussion of the issue be moved to the thread on my LJ that is a predecessor to this comm. Then--and here's the crazy-Orwellian part--I decided to get rid of the first part of the post, because I knew perfectly well it would get me in trouble and I didn't want to stir the shit--at that time. The post was probably there for five minutes before I took it down. But I got banned anyway. Which proves that Sara M. is not content with managing the forums; she wants to be the Thought Police too. Behavior which makes clear that you've been having thoughts which she won't allow to be discussed on the forum is offensive to her.
I love how she thinks it's alright to get bitchy with people because she's a mod.

I like how you got banned AFTER you changed it. I was on the way to change mine, mainly because I don't have enough balls to keep something like that up, and then she banned me before I could.
*hangs head in shame*

I didn't understand how to see behind the spoiler bars (I hadn't been reading TWoP long) and so I posted a polite 1 sentence question, asking how to do it. Almost as soon as I'd posted it occurred to me to highlight the bar, and there was the message. Instead of deleting my original post I posted a one sentence addendum - as sort of "slaps head and blushes" sort of thing - apologising for having asked such a daft question. Call me pathetic, but I hadn't been there long, and was trying to join in. I think it was the HoYay thread, which had a fairly matey sort of atmosphere.

SaraM removed my posting and replaced it with a snotty message. I was annoyed by the tone of what she'd written - she's meant to be moderating, not bullying/humiliating posters - and I replied on the thread, saying so (but still politely). She then deleted my reply and posted something even snottier in its place, including a suggestion that I should reply to her in email, if at all. I replied in public, pointing out that her digs at me were made in public and so my replies were also. Then she banned me :)

*sneaks off to throw self off tall building*
Don't throw yourself off. It's ok Housepiglet, we've all been messed with because we were n00bs, the trick is to jus tmove on and then be secretly spiteful about it. Mwhahahaha!

You know, I actually feel sorry for Sara, if the poor girl is this big of an ass online, I imagine she doesn't have much for friends.

Status on computer: Still won't turn on, dad has yet to return my phone call. Looks like I'll be on my mum's computer for a while... :(
I already had a second ID - this one - because I'd forgotten the password for the first one (doh), which is why I can post there now. It was about 9 months before I did, though. It's pretty unpleasant to be treated like that.

It's interesting to see that it isn't only me. I'd assumed that it was. I'd also concluded that the peculiarly prescriptive atmosphere over there must be some sort of American thing: there's simply no way that people over here (England) would submit to that sort of atmosphere.

I wonder how long Hugh Laurie would last, posting on TWoP? A micro-second or so, perhaps :)


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Sara M. Sucks. What you did sounds like perfectly normal forum behavior, and she had no call to get snotty with you. **cuddles piglet**
Thank you :)

**silly piglet**
This idea has been bugging me since we started the group so I went ahead and did it. To try and not only keep activity up but to try and keep us in touch, I've created a weekly disscusion question.