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I may be the last person in the world to find out about this, but the Wicked Witch, Sara M., is no longer the moderator of TWOP's House forum.  

If this link works, here is a post from the new moderator.  

Wonder what would happen if someone asked her to bring back the fanfic discussion thread...and, of course, reinstate Sheepy and anyone else booted in fanficdiscussiongate. 
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Forgot to say--if there is dirt to dish about why this happened, I'd love to hear it. Cause I'm kind of vindictive like that. OTOH, if she left of her own volition to move on to something better, I might be happier not knowing.
New mod is apparently a gigantic toolbox as well.
Yeah personally I think she's worse then Sara. She comes in, guns blazing, renames threads, closes treads (The bitterness thread!), wants to merge threads like the spoilers and spoiler discussion threads, wants to makes the shop threads het only, etc...basicaly she sucks. At least Sara was hardly there so we pretty much didn't have to deal with her at all.
Wasn't the merger of spoilers and spoiler-discussion done by Sara M.'s fiat? That one actually seems to have worked out fairly well. I'm not sure where the "each thread must have one topic that is completely distinct from the topics of other threads" concept came from. If I still frequented the place, I'm sure I'd be very it is, all I do there is check in occasionally to see if there's anything on the fanfic thread that I haven't already seen.

Well as of last night when I last checked, the Just spoilers thread and the discussion threads where still separate. It works that way because some just want to read the spoilers, and not pages, and pages and PAGES of analyzing the smallest detail from House/Wilson friendship(or more), down to Cameron's hair color. I mostly skim, with Google highlight on, for mentions of Chase. What really annoys me is none of the other parts of TWoP seem to be doing that. None of the other forums I go to are freaking out with "You must be perfectly, perfect on topic at all times OR ELSE!". It's just not natural, and like people have said in the one thread, it's going to kill conversations, and make the place a ghost town.
Now I have commented three times on my own post. And no one else has commented at all.

But I wanted to share with everyone that I decided to get my TWOP sock banned for questioning the new mod. Or not--I mean, if she doesn't ban me, that's fine. But I decided to devil-may-care-ly ask her flat out if she's going to be a cunt like Sara M.
Me, me! I'll reply.

The new mod is completely clueless. I've sworn off posting at TWoP already, but I do read what's going on there (mostly for the spoilers & fic recs), & this new mod HASN'T GOT A CLUE. The thing that really pisses me off is the banning of canon gay & bisexual relationships from the ship thread - ITS HET ONLY PER THE MOD.

You don't need to ask her - she's already proved that's exactly what she is. I'm debating whether to tell her that :D

Did she really do that? I read where she mentioned that as an option, as part of her quest to make sure each thread covers one topic and exactly one topic, wtih no overlap--and tons of people said it was a bad idea. She went through with it?
You're right - I went back & read carefully, she hasn't apparently implemented the proposal. The fact that she even suggested it makes me doubt her sanity though & I'm not the only one. Asynca pointed out this particular post to me & I think it sums up the outrage pretty nicely.
Meant to add, this is the thread you really need to read, Lizzim & Poeia et al getting pissed off at her.
I did read that! My sock posted there!


10 years ago


10 years ago


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10 years ago

Although not quite as creepy as Ms M, Nikita's tooliness is all over the internet. It seems he/she has never actually watched House and is homophobic. Won't that make House fans and the HoYAYers happy?

One forum is holding a 'just don't post' protest, but I said that old TWoP has been driving people away for yonks and it appears to be working. I can post there, but I just don't want to anymore (and I was sick of Sara nicking my stuff for her recaps). Lots of people have stopped posting because they aren't quite sure what to post and will it be considered off topic and is it in the right thread.

Let them have their HoYAY thread and their wading in the shallow end I say.

It is a bit like the emperor's new clothes. No one is game to actually tell them they suck, but Ms M left a brilliantly bitchy reply in one of the threads saying that just because she isn't a moderator anymore is no reason to actually start talking about how shit she was and how everyone really hated her and how she only worked sporadically. That little quote is all over the place too.

I'm not too sure where they are going with the new 'regime'. I belong to Outpost Golliwog - the biggest Doctor Who forum on Earth - with hundreds and thousands of members and they have never felt the need to run it like a small totalitarian dictatorship.
Hi, sheep!

No one is game to actually tell them they suck

This is, I think, the closest anyone's come, in its own round about way. I'll be curious to see if they ban Ranee for posting that.
Aw. I loves the TWoP. It sucks that you guys are having/have had a bad experience! I am in contact with a couple of folks who have gotten arbitrarily banned (The View and BB threads) while I have said the same things and have not. I did get warned once, though, for being "rude" and needing to "dial down the 'tude." Which...yeah. That's pretty much me in a nutshell. Others say I didn't get banned because I'm an "old timer." Who knows?

Also, totally gonna try to find out what happened to Sara M. and let ya know....
Hi, Alex,

Not sure if you've been following this, but bunch of us HoYayers staged a mini-coup resulting in establishing a new forum, House's House of Whining. We're in the process of putting the boards through a trial run, but membership is open to signups & posting. One of the most active threads is already a re-established "Water's October?" fic discussion thread where we're currently discussing bad sex fic cliches.

I hope you'll join us & check out the boards - if they meet with your approval ;D we'd love for folks here to come on over too.

Link is