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Sara M.

So I looked at Sara M's blog* comments to see what she said in response to comments made by some-people-who-are-certainly-not-us,
and one thing she put was (paraphrasing here), "Alex.  My man.  It was just a fanfic thread.  Closing it is not the end of the world.  Get over it." 

Which, first of all, is the logging IP addresses to pretend to be omnicient really that scary to anyone anymore?  I mean, I'm shaking. 

Second, the actual content of her reply fills me with righteous indignation.  First, if the whole issue is so trivial we shouldn't care about it, why did he have to close the thread in the first place?  If we shouldnt care about it, she shouldn't care about it.  Consistency, people.  It's not a crime.  Secondly, does she really think that the whole issue is about wanting to discuss fanfic?  I think my answer in the "Jen's Discussion Question" thread outlines some of the other things that are at stake.  I'm not one-hundred percent on board with calling it a free speech issue, but there clearly is a larger principle involved.  Namely, that you don't get to treat people like crap and then say "get over it," when they protest.  Consistency, again--she clearly isn't one to just let it go when someone tramples on her delicate sensibilities.  What really gets me, though, is the whole feeling of, "Well, I get the last word, and if you keep talking, that only proves my point that you're a big whiny crybaby." 

I've been composing smart-assed replies to her in my head for an hour (not an hour solid, just when my mind wanders from Other Important Things, mostly Post-Trauma)--which I know perfectly well if I actually communicate to her will just drag the whole thing out and accomplish nothing.  So I decided to whinge about it on here, where I'm assured of a sympathetic reception. 

* Yes, I know--I need to not do that.  I need to stop checking up on the Lyle Lovett assholes, too.  I'm going cold-turkey on them right now. 
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